Wednesday, April 1, 2009

News & Events ‎(Book Release & Panel Discussion)‎

The members for the Panel discussion on ‘Design for Indian Textiles & Fashion: Tradition to Modernity' at The Nehru Centre, London are,

Dr Eiluned Edwards, LCF/V&A Senior Research Fellow, London, UK
Sophie Roet, Consultant Designer - Textile & Fashion, Clockwork Studios, London, UK
Karen Spurgin, Consultant Designer - textile & fashion; Co-founder, ao textiles, London, UK
Jimmy Stephen-Cran, Head of Department – Textiles, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
Shashank Mehta, Senior Faculty (Industrial Design); Chairperson-Research & Publications, NID, India
Vijai Singh Katiyar, Senior Faculty (Textile, Apparel & Accessory Design), Chairperson- Design Foundation Studies & International Programmes, NID, India

20th April 2009
Panel Discussion - 1755hrs onward
Book Release - 1900hrs.
For detailed programme and the profiles of the panelists click the following weblink;
News & Events ‎(Saris of India)‎

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