Wednesday, April 1, 2009

“Neechod” or “Saaransh”

“Neechod” or “Saaransh” have no equivalent term in the English language that can be used to describe Vijai’s accomplishment. An ‘Epic’al essay on the most eloquent of feminine garments the Sari, “Indian Saris – Traditions- Perspectives- Design” by Prof Vijai Singh Katiyar is an outcome of decades of research, design and development both in creative as also in technology of production. He traces the history of evolution of the garment across various cultures and subcultures of the most prolific of the world’s cultures – Culture of The Indian Subcontinent, and takes us through a journey of the evolution across geographies and dynasties. Equally educative and entertaining to both – an expert or a novice, the compilation is a comprehensive publication addressing the vastness of the opportunity and the harsh challenges for the textile designers and the handloom weavers at the same time. Predominantly a handloom phenomenon historically, a sari offers the largest canvass amongst all garments of the world for the artist in the designer and the weaver to express himself in the most elaborate manner. This throws open a huge opportunity for innovation and creativity for the producers on the one hand and the contemporary designs and sensuous drapes allow making a fashion statement for the user on the other. It is very difficult to bring out in a brief note the deep richness and the vast comprehensiveness with which Vijai has treated the multifaceted business of the Handloom saris of India. An effort par excellence and an outcome so exceptional, has raised the bar beyond capacity of a mere mortal. I am sure the book shall be appreciated by the professional and the uninitiated equally well. Truly a connoisseur’s coveted masterpiece.

Dr Hemant C Trivedi is professor at Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad. He specialises in the area of retail communication. With 24 years of industry experience and over 10years of teaching, he has done substantial work on the textile sectors of India. His research work includes an extensive market study of domestic retail for handloom saris.

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