Thursday, May 7, 2009

'Indian Saris' at London Book Fair 2009

A view of the India pavallion at London Book Fair 2009. India was the theme country this year. Our experience was enriching and rewarding in many ways with so many publishers and the range of subjects & titles that were on offer. Even to know the significant size and profile of Indian publishing industry was satisfying. The industry has a tall standing due to its reach and contributions being made to the world. Indian publishing has come a long way now. The industry leaders produce the quality that is no less compared to the best. Spread of latest technology in printing and specialisations is wide and contributing to the growth and recognisition of publishing from India.

We are happy that the Wisdom Tree has made no compromises on quality in producing 'Indian Saris: Traditions - Perspectives - Design'. I have been witnessing many developmental efforts where Shobit Arya, the publisher left no stone unturned to make sure that the book is produced meeting best of standards and parameters. As a result, the book gains a wide recognition today -- not only from international distributors but also from peers in the Indian publishing industry.

Visitors to Wisdom Tree at LBF09 took avid interest in the publication on Indian Saris. Their engrossed scrutiny has been very encouraging to the National Institute of Design, the co-publisher of the book. Indeed a good motivation to all of us involved in realising this publication.

Our experience at LBF09 was amply supplimented by the techocommercial inputs by Shobit Arya -- adding wider view of the world publishing industry; its structure, approaches and new aspirations. The insights must amply aid our future endevors in design research & publishing from India.

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