Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Further Updates - Emerging Directions

The occassion of international launch of the book, 'Indian Saris: Traditions - Perspectives - Design' and the panel discussion has certainly been a great exciting event. The chief guest, experts on the panel discussion and the deligates dwelved into engaging interaction and dialogue. Many innovative ideas and possibilities came up and will require collaborative efforts from the design and art fraternity from UK and India. Our next two days at the London Book Fair 2009 were as rewarding with most people we met taking keen interest in the publication and related ties with India. Together we should be able to carry most of it forward through many forms of engagements with the Indian handlooms and handicrafts. Over coming few weeks, we promise to provide more updates, details and insights to you through this blog. So keep looking forward to it! We -- NID, The Nehru Centre and Wisdom Tree -- offer a big thanks for all your support in making the event a big success.

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